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cPRO battery

56,00 € 56.0 EUR

Battery for cPRO handunit, NP-FM500H, 2040mAh, 7.2V


cPRO swivel antenna

26,00 € 26.0 EUR

Swivel antenna (83 mm), compatible with cmotion cPRO hand unit, cPRO motor, cPRO camin, all ALEXA Plus/Studio cameras, ARRI SMC-1, EMC-1, AMC-1.


Outdoor antenna (straight)

37,00 € 37.0 EUR

Rugged outdoor antenna (straight, 61 mm), compatible with cPRO motor, cPRO camin and ARRI UMC-4.


cPRO battery charger (EU plug)

54,00 € 54.0 EUR

Dual battery charger for NP-FM500H, 2040mAh, 7.2V (including dual charger and power adapter with EU plug)