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cforce mini Clamp Insert 2 15mm

25,00 € 25.0 EUR

Reduction insert for 15mm rods. Compatible with cforce mini Clamp Console 2 19/15mm.


cforce mini Clamp Insert 2 5/8in

48,00 € 48.0 EUR

Reduction insert for Panavision 5/8 inch rods. Compatible with cforce mini Clamp Console 2 19/15mm.


cmotion Cinefade VariND

7.980,00 € 7980.0 EUR

motorised LBUS VariND and Rotapola filter cmotion Cinefade VariND, including: - static polariser - motorised polariser - cmotion Cinefade hard case Can also be used as a standalone variable ND filter or standalone variable polariser. Note: cPRO lens control system required to allow remote variable ND function, remote variable polariser function or variable depth of field effect (Cinefade).


cvolution steady zoom

2.180,00 € 2180.0 EUR

zoom unit for stabilized rigs


cvolution pan-bar zoom

1.980,00 € 1980.0 EUR

zoom unit for pan bars and gimbals


cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.)

10.980,00 € 10980.0 EUR

cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.) includes: Main components: 1x cvision main unit (CMU) (2nd GEN.) 1x cvision basic software 1x cmu - rod mount 2x cmu - mounting extension Cables: 1x cable LPS-7 - LBUS power cable (Le 4p, Anton Bauer 2p) 0,8m NOTE: cvision main unit (CMU) is fully LBUS integrated in its 2nd generation, but also offers serial communication for 3rd party lens control systems. - [K0.0010104] LCUBE CUB-1 is NOT required. cvision focus assist basic set offers - Stand-alone mode (Nearest function) - Interface with different lens control systems


upgrade to cvision advanced set (for 2nd GEN.)

5.980,00 € 5980.0 EUR

upgrade to cvision advanced set includes: Main components: 1x cvision control unit 12" touch (CCU) /w power supply 1x cvision advanced software 1x ccu - holder 1x cvision flight case Cables: 1x [C0YE-K01] cable CVI-1 - connecting cable for cvision main unit (CMU) to cvision control unit (CCU) (Le m10p, RJ45) 5m NOTE: required items, NOT included in the advanced set: [C0Y1-K50] cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.) Upgrade to cvision advanced set allows advanced focus control through - Graphical user interface - Visualization of depth map - Regular and advanced focus peaking visualization - Fingertip focus control - Presets - Tracking function for moving subjects - Multi tracking - Customizable nearest function


cfinder III

6.420,00 € 6420.0 EUR

infrared laser range finder - range from 0,3m to over 150m (including refelctor sight)


LCUBE CUB-1 (Basic Set)

825,00 € 825.0 EUR

Range finder signal converter for ARRI Alexa Mini


LCUBE CUB-2 (Basic Set)

1.040,00 € 1040.0 EUR

Adapts servo-zoom lenses (Hirose 12 pin) to LBUS (Lemo 4 pin).


cPRO battery

56,00 € 56.0 EUR

Battery for cPRO handunit, NP-FM500H, 2040mAh, 7.2V


cPRO swivel antenna

25,00 € 25.0 EUR

Swivel antenna (83 mm), compatible with cmotion cPRO hand unit, cPRO motor, cPRO camin, all ALEXA Plus/Studio cameras, ARRI SMC-1, EMC-1, AMC-1.


Outdoor antenna (straight)

35,00 € 35.0 EUR

Rugged outdoor antenna (straight, 61 mm), compatible with cPRO motor, cPRO camin and ARRI UMC-4.


cPRO monitor bracket

260,00 € 260.0 EUR

Monitor bracket for cPRO / cPRO PLUS / cPRO ONE hand unit. Provides a balanced mounting solution for video monitors with a 1/4" thread.


cPRO v-lock plate

45,00 € 45.0 EUR

Allows to attach v-lock plate to cPRO hand unit.


cPRO camin bracket

180,00 € 180.0 EUR

Quick release bracket with 3/8" and 2x 1/4" inserts for cPRO camin.


cPRO pre-marked focus ring imperial set

170,00 € 170.0 EUR

Enables focus mapping with cPRO hand unit and cPRO motor / cPRO camin.


cPRO rod set

270,00 € 270.0 EUR

Allows mounting of the cPRO handunit on any rod or lightstand (diameter 10mm-40mm). cPRO rod set, including: - cmotion vlock quick release - cPRO vlock plate - cfastener