cmotion product overview

In this session, we will introduce cPRO LCS - the latest wireless lens and camera control solution from cmotion. We will explain the concept behind cPRO, show the main components, demonstrate the simplicity of setting the system up, and explain some of the key features. We will also touch on the cvolution LCS, famed for its modularity, 3D and advanced lens synchronization capabilities, the cmotion compact ONE and a range of cmotion accessories compatible with both cmotion and ARRI.

cPRO advanced set-up

This session is great for all focus pullers already working with or thinking about cPRO LCS. sales director Steve Chappell and product manager Dennis Böhm will dive deep into the advanced features the cPRO system has to offer. They will not only highlight and demonstrate the most advanced and unique features available with cPRO but will also share some great tips & tricks. Looking for MORE? Dennis will also share some exciting updates about future features and development planned for the cPRO ecosystem. Don’t miss it! - Hosted by Dennis Böhm and Steve Chappell

cmotion PRO accessories

In this session, we will introduce the full range of cmotion PRO accessories. This will include the award winning Cinefade VariND, cvision focus assist, steady zoom and pan-bar zoom, cdistance, flight head adapter, broadcast solutions and cPRO camin. We will also introduce some of our partners including SISU and Ncam who have implemented cmotion products into their packages. - Hosted by Steve Chappell

cvision focus assist

In this session, we will be introducing and demonstrating the latest cvision focus assist. We will explain the technology behind the system and demonstrate some of the unique features including focus peaking, multiple autofocus trigger options and organic auto to manual focus transition when used with a cPRO LCS. During the session, we will also welcome cmotion community manager Gunnar Mortensen. Gunnar will be sharing his experiences working with cvision on the latest season of Apple`s The Morning Show.