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Flight Head adapter

Digital and analog integration for Filmotechnic Flight Heads

Whilst the digital solution passes focus and zoom control direct from the Flight Head Control Panel to the cvolution camin, the analog solution passes zoom control from the Flight Head Control Panel through our new Flight Head adapter to either a cmotion or ARRI hand unit and then uses wireless communication to the camin, ARRI UMC-4 or ARRI ALEXA Plus / Mini.

Digital integration for Flight Head 6
In this configuration, the camin is mounted on or near the camera and connected directly to the Flight Head’s digital interface. cforce, ARRI or Hedén motors can be used and once calibrated, focus and zoom are automatically assigned to the Flight Head’s control panel. With an additional motor, it is possible to control iris using a wireless cvolution hand unit (camin firmware 3.11.28 or higher required).

Analog integration
In this configuration, an analog Flight Head Control Panel can be connected to a cmotion or ARRI wireless hand unit through the new cmotion Flight Head Adapter. This adapter allows the operator to control the zoom axis from the control panel and use the wireless connection between a cmotion or ARRI hand unit and motor box. Once connected and calibrated, zoom control is automatically assigned to the Flight Head Control Panel. Focus and iris motors can also be connected to the camin / UMC-4 / ALEXA Plus / Mini and controlled through the corresponding cmotion (cvolution / compact LCS) or ARRI WCU-4 hand unit.

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