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Bridging the gap

Offering plug-and-play solutions to the
broadcast industry
since 2014.

broadcast camin

  • Control FIZ of any cine style lens in a broadcast environment
  • Compatible with Canon and Fujinon controllers
  • Compatible with most digital motors and LBUS motors
  • Calibrate all motors by a push of a button
  • Get full iris control through your Sony RCP or DTS
broadcast camin.png


  • Compact interface between broadcast zoom and focus controllers and existing cmotion systems
  • Compatible with fibre systems (Telecast, Nipros and Camlinx)
  • Allows cmotion controllers to be used over a long distance

 Bulke Burnaby Lautier 
Manager Operations at United, Netherlands

We have been using cmotion’s broadcast solutions frequently on both small and big projects including Santana, MUSE, Rolling Stones and U2. It has proven to be reliable and it gives the operators the opportunity to control their camera in the way they are used to.

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