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cvision focus assist

pulling focus is an art, but distance measurement is a science

  • 2 cameras

  • stereoscopic depth map

  • 250,000 real-time measurement points

  • Various measuring and autofocus features

    • Single point​

    • Tracking

    • Nearest

  • ​live-view touch screen interface



• Real-time distance measurement read out 
• Tracking function for moving subjects 
• Interface with different lens control systems (LCS) 


Focus pulling: 

• Integrated LCS functions with direct focus motor control 
• Integrated LBUS interface 
• Multiple autofocus functions 
• Stand-alone mode for nearest function 
• Easily switchable between manual and automatic focus control 
• Variable time and speed control over focus pull 


Advanced focus pulling: 

• Integration of a graphical user interface 
• Visualization of depth map 
• Regular and advanced focus peaking visualization 
• Fingertip focus control 
• Presets 
• Multi tracking 

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