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Software is underrated

Your cPRO comes with over 40 software features, yet it is intuitive and user friendly. Create user profiles to match your shooting style.



Element 197.png


camera control*

*license key required for cPRO and cPRO ONE

Element 191.png

Feed FIZ metadata for “ANY geared lens” from cPRO LCS to the camera. 

Element 194.png

Import / export ARRI LDA .tab files and upload ARRI LDS and Cooke /i data to cPRO hand unit automatically

Element 186.jpg

Choose from 14 different channels for the perfect RF connection

Element 162.jpg

20 regional options for worldwide certification

Element 136.jpg

Use your cPRO camin as a client or host

Element 154.jpg

The sleep mode can save up to 30% of your battery

Element 156.jpg

Use manual calibration for any lens without hard stops

Element 142.jpg

Use up to 4 motors within one system

Element 189.png

Split control with up to 3 units within one network

Feature list:

Element 185.jpg

easily update your cPRO system via USB

Element 184.jpg

power your system alternatively through the USB port

Element 183.jpg

selective brightness lets you modify the illumination of your system, just as you need it.

Element 187.jpg

Will adjust the brightness of your hand unit to match your environment

Element 180.jpg

create advanced lens data for any lens

Element 179.jpg

Save any settings, user profiles or lens data on your hand unit or on a USB

Element 167.jpg

Your cPRO has 6 different user buttons for your favorite features

Element 166.jpg

Only the user buttons assigned with feature will illuminate

Element 188.png

If the physical user buttons are not enough, you can set up to 6 digital user buttons

Element 163.png

Easily switch between metric and imperial data, independent from the lens

Element 172.png

A backlight color indicator on your knob will show you the current status of your system

Element 177.png

Use one of 5 pre-marked rings to match

Element 176.png

Use one of 3 pre-marked iris strips

Element 173.png

Different info pages show you the information you need

Element 174.png

Short cuts from the main screens will get you right into the specific menus

Element 182.png

Vibrating function gives you a haptic feedback

Element 175.png

make use of electronic locking system for the control devices

Element 143.png

remotelly change the settings of your motors

Element 164.png

A zoom control wich can change the sensitivity and speed

Element 168.png

Advanced autofocus capabilities

Element 165.png

Stealth mode will deactivate all lights on the camera side to avoid reflection

Element 190.png

Any control unit can control any axis on the camera side

Element 146.png

make use of all Cinefade VariND features

Element 148.png

quickly create lens limits

Element 147.png

Set control limits quickly

Element 161.png

Set motor limits for sensitive focus racks

Element 178.png

See the visualisation of the DoF

Element 159.png

Set camera user buttons, for changing camera settings more quickly

Element 157.png

Import and export lens data through a USB

Element 160.png

Set up to 3 markers based on your knob position or rangefinder value

Element 169.png

Create and export user settings, so you can start off with a different unit and have everything where you want it to be

Element 140.png

Chinese user interface

Still missing a feature? Let us know what YOU need, and you may see it implemented in a future software update!

Thanks for keeping our developers busy!

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