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Meet the cPRO heroes

Aidan-Gray 2.jpg

Aidan "printing" Gray

When 1st AC Aidan Gray had been working on a secret project experimenting with artificial neuro intelligence for the FBI, he was accidentally shot by a neuro-laser beam. The accident instantly transformed Aidan’s blood-cells into a 3D printing fluid. And, since that day, he has the superhero power to combine human and artificial neuro intelligence to print any 3D accessory through his veins. 

Rozemarijn "Galactica" Stokkel

Rozemarijn "Galactica" Stokkel comes from the farthest galaxy known to mankind, "GN-z11". Her solar system was destroyed by a mystical power, which made the whole galaxy soft. To prevent this power from also destroying our galaxy, Rozemarijn was sent to us, to defeat softness. Her superpower of light-speed focusing, saves any shot to keep the subject sharp. 
Ohh... did we mention that she "kicks some ass"?

Fabio "Kid Sharpetti" Giolitti

Kid Sharpetti was a young man who lived in the wild west and faced problems with concentration and focusing on what to do. One day, while out wrangling cows, he got caught in a sandstorm. He couldn’t see his hands in front of his face. Everything had gone blurry. Trying to find his way, he came across a mysterious object on the ground and could hear the storm whispering “cvision”. Desperately holding it in his hands, the sandstorm surrounded him and suddenly disappeared. On his forearm, a cryptic symbol that looked like 2 eyes had mysteriously appeared. Since that day, Fabio has been the sharpest kid in the west. 

Martin "Son of Odin" Larsen

Martin Larsen is the youngest of Odin`s sons. As a baby, he was kidnapped by Hræsvelgr, a giant who took the form of an eagle. However, he was saved and raised by the humans Ask and Embla. Embla found Martin near the river Gjöll. Next to him, was a mystical device, which they later discovered strengthened the focus of everything it was pointed at. They called it the cPRO.

Vincent Aaron-Segers –
The Ninja

Vincent grew up in the hidden monastery “Focus-daih” in the Philippines and was raised by worrier monks. These monks believe in the God of Focus and are known for their precise martial arts techniques. Vincent became a master of focus by the age 16 and shortly after, decided to travel the world to share his knowledge and wisdom. The monastery presented Vincent with the cPRO of honor to balance perfectly with his hero powers. 

Carlos Canal – The Sunset Warrior

Carlos is Bruce Lee`s first student in Jeet Kune Do. After Bruce`s tragic accident, Carlos found a small box with his name written on it. Inside this box, he found Bruce`s legendary numb-chucks with two cPRO hand units. These numb-chucks were bonded with Bruce`s spirit and whoever carries them, would not only have the ability to focus as fast as Bruce Lee but also control depth of field of the human eye.

Sir Arthur Chassaing

Sir Arthur Chassaing is a French scientist, born in 1789 during the French revolution. At just 12 years of age, he was the youngest graduate at the University of Sorbonne. He was awarded for his outstanding knowledge and innovation by Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1802. 
One year later, he released a scientific paper about a focus device and time travel machine which, scientist around the world said was ridiculous. Shortly after, Sir Arthur disappeared and it was not heard of again until 2006, when he appeared on IMDB as a first assistant. 

Clovis Ghiorzi

When he was a teenager, Clovis discovered a hidden cave at his grand parents country house. This cave was full of high-tech equipment, such as a bullet proof cape, some nano tech shoes, which made him super fast and a high-tech focus unit, which made everyone to focus on the right side of the law.
From that day, he decided to be a 1st AC by day and a super hero by night, helping anyone who lost his focus.

Zach “Crazy” Levi-Rodgers

Zach was raised on the streets of London. In his youth, he was in one of the toughest street gangs, but was banished at age of 18 for making all the other gang members think they were going crazy! However, at age 21, he realized, that this craziness was in fact his ability to control someone`s mind and focus. He learned to master this ability and turned it into his superpower.


Mr. SOFT is the ultimate super villain within the film industry. His goal is to make the whole world soft and out-of-focus. 
But no worries, we are providing you all the tools, to defeat him!

Big shout out and thanks to the very talented Leon Kollar for bringing our heroes to life!

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