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cPRO camin

Unlock your wireless potential


A small box for big stories

  • smallest wireless motor box

  • control up to 4 cforce motors (FIZ + optional auxiliary)

  • versatile camera interface (CAM)

    • power

    • run/stop

    • camera feedback*

    • tally*​

    • camera control**

    • control EF lenses on RED cameras

  • add any LBUS device to your wireless network

  • extend your wireless range (using 2 cPRO camin)


*   Available for selected cameras

* * Available for selected ARRI, RED and SONY cameras – Optional license required.


cPRO camin - command mode

makes your LBUS devices wireless, by switching between host and client mode, at the push of a button


What is command mode?

This unique feature allows you to use any cPRO camin as a host or client, at the push of a button to create a wireless solution for ANY LBUS device. 
Simply connect your non-wireless LBUS device; i.e. pan-bar zoom, steady zoom, Master Grip or OCU-1 to the cPRO camin, power up, and set the camin to “client”. The cPRO camin will then transmit wireless command signals to the “host” (cPRO camin / cPRO motor) on the camera-side. 
Wireless applications for robotics and motion control are possible without any additional accessories (e.g. LCUBE-1) through the cPRO camin`s CAM to serial interface. 
Add the cPRO camin to your LCS inventory and discover a new world of wireless possibilities.

How to switch from host to client mode?

To switch between host and client, simply press and hold the upper button on the cPRO camin for 3 seconds. Then select host or client with the up/down buttons and wait for 5 seconds to enable the function.  (command mode is working from software version 3.0.)

cPRO command mode to add a non-wireless device to your wireless network:

Connect any device to the cPRO camin, add power and make it wireless in seconds.
NOTE: Up to two wireless client devices can talk to one host (cPRO motor or cPRO camin).

Looking for MORE?

The cPRO camin can even increase your LCS wireless range. 

cPRO command mode used to create a range extender:

Simply connect 2 cPRO camin with an LBUS cable, one set to client, the other one set to host and create an RF repeater.
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