Introducing Clovis Ghiorzi

In this interview, we proudly introduce 1st AC, Clovis Ghiorzi who is based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Clovis has been working as a 1st AC for 9 years and is very passionate about everything related to the film industry. In February, we invited Clovis to spend a few days in Vienna. Clovis has a friendly nature and very positive attitude, making him a great addition to our growing family of community managers. 

Welcome, Clovis! 

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Clovis Ghiorzi

Date of birth:  04/07/1988

Residence:  São Paulo

Pulling focus since:  2011

cteam member since: 09/2019

Favorite LCS: cPRO

Left/Right handed: Right

Favorite cameras: Arri Alexa(all models)

Favorite Lenses: Master Prime

Welcome Clovis!  Thanks for taking the time to visit us here in Vienna. Before we start asking any questions, please tell us a little something about yourself.

I’m very happy to be part of this and to meet everyone at cmotion. I’m basically a photography lover. Working with motion-pictures was just a consequence of this love, but I am an enthusiast of photography in all media and styles.


How did you become a focus puller? When did you realize, that you want to become a professional / career focus puller?

Since I was in film school I have always been interested in the photography department. In the first year of film school my photography professor, Ralf Tambke, invited me to work on his camera rental house, which gave me the opportunity to be on set as a second assistant and sometimes as focus puller from a considerable early age. I started as a focus puller in a project called La Redota directed by Cesar Charlone and his photographer Fabio Burtin gave me the chance to pull focus for the first time on a feature film. 


How did you first learn your skills and what did you do to keep getting better?

On my first project as a focus puller I didn’t have a monitor or an LCS system. So I learned to measure everything with my eye and a laser distance meter to check. Even with better equipment over the years I never stopped doing that,  and I think that it helped me to get more accurate focus. Today we have many nice tools to help us on set, which is amazing, but we need to always keep our instincts alert, we never know when they will come in handy on set.


What was the biggest project you have worked on, or you are most proud of?


Last year I worked in two big projects for HBO and Netflix and they were not released yet but I am very proud of my first project as a focus puller called La Redota. It was the beginning of digital cinema cameras and basically we had to build our own camera. We used the SI2K sensor and built the computer to process the image. We had two models, a MacBook pro for simple shots and we built a backpack computer to use in some of the special shots. It was a big challenge for us and especially for me pulling focus for the first time.


Which wireless lens control systems have you been working with lately?

I have worked a lot with WCU-4 but in the last four months I worked with the cPRO. 


The politic land field has changed a lot in Brasil over the last years. Can you tell us a little bit about it, and also how that affected the filming industry in Brasil?

The film industry in Brazil was growing a lot since 2008 when the government started a program to increase this sector. In 2018 we had almost 400 thousand people working on it. The industry did move like 25 billion reais in a year(6 billion dollars). This program got a really good results in ten years. Now we have a lot of Brazilians tv shows on TV, a lot of Brazilians movies in the cinemas, and some really good movies in the main film festivals in the world. This year, for the first time, we got a Brazilian documentary on the Oscars called The edge of democracy direct by Petra Costa which tells the Brazilian political crisis of 2016. In 2019 we had Bacurau directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho winning Jury Prize in Cannes and Mariguela on Berlinale directed By Wagner Moura. We traced a path very similar to South Koreans that started this similar program in the 90s. Today, twenty years later, they are reaping the results of investing in culture, not only in the cinema, but in music and other arts. But our president Bolsonaro decided to stop every program that supports culture in Brazil. We are living a sad moment for every artist in Brazil. We are living with censorship. It seems that we go back to the days of the military dictatorship.


Finally we also would like to talk with you about the focuspulleratwork forum.  You have also been active on the forum. How do you think other focus pullers can learn something on the forum?

I’m very excited about the Forum. It is very helpful to speak about the set work with other people who know exactly what I’m doing. It is very hard for others to understand our work. So, it is amazing that there is a place that we can talk a language that just us speak. Well, some methods are not the same for everyone and the forum opens a window that we can see what the others ACs are doing and of course, learn a lot. 

Which forum topics are your favorite so far?

I like the "10 things about". We can learn with others guys experience.

There is one Subforum, called 10 things… (which can be 10 things you have learned onset or 10 important things in your toolbag, aso)

Which 10 Things would you like to share here, and what are they:


- Don’t trust in the rehearsal (if you have it) everything can change in a second.

- Buy your own fastening tools.

- Work fast but never run

- Safety first (for the crew and equipment)

- Keep the equipment in a high place before leaving the studio. It can be hit by a flood (it happened to me)

- Pelican cases (same above)

- At the rental house test everything, every screw, check every glass of the lens...

- Everyone on set is making the same film, be nice with them…

- try to be one step ahead

- A conversation can solve many problems.